Remember these points to become a great Spoken Word Artist

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Spoken Word is meant to be read aloud in public. You may be familiar with stories, poems, monologues, slam poetry, rap, and even stand-up comedy as forms of the spoken word. When creating a spoken word work, select words and phrases that project vivid images, sounds, movements, and other experiences into the brains of the audiences. Your audience will see, smell, feel, and maybe even taste what you’re telling them if your poetry, story¬†or performance is rich in imagery. Remember it again a spoken word artist creates words to be read aloud. Spoken Word Poetry is poetry created for performance that expresses ideas, experiences, or emotions via the creative arrangement of words based on their sound, rhythm, and meaning. A spoken Word story is a story that the performer brings to the audience in the story that he/she lives that story, so the audience will also feel the same as the performer.

Remember these 5 points to become a great Spoken Word Artist

1. Content should be easy

The content you perform should be easy so the audience will connect easily. It should not that much easy, it has no form. There should be form, accent, and internal rhythm in the performance it should not be seen as broken. The words you cast in the content should be serious, not difficult.

2. Memorize before perform

Memorization will provide you strength, you can perform without fear and give great facial and vocal expressions to the audience, it also boosts your confidence and gives a better performance that everyone will praise.

3. Do not use a mobile phone while performing

Spoken Word Artists are meant to communicate with the audience if the mobile phone is working as a barrier to communication and that is really bad. It also loses the interest of the audience in watching your performance and obviously audience will not like you as an artist.

4. Theme

Theme/Topic should be relatable so the audience will connect easily and understand. Most probably try to choose the current scenario so everyone connects so if they connect with your performance they praise you.

4. Pitch

Highness or lowness of sound is very much important to express the word’s emotion so the audience will also feel the same as the performer wants to express. To give the pitch to the words focus on the seriousness of the words.

In spoken word performance whether it is poetry or story, the performer does a conversation with the audience. The performer and audience both interact with each other. For conversation, the points given above are good for great conversation with the audience.

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