Kavita Kisse Kahaniyan

“जज़्बातों को बोलने दो अहसासों को सुनने दो, अब आपकी कहानी आपकी जुबानी” 

Jyoti Gupta

Spoken Word Artist

Akanksha Shukla

Spoken Word Artist

Sakhee Shalini

Spoken Word Artist

Krati Shukla

Spoken Word Artist


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Unlock the Power of Expression with Kavita Kisse Kahaniyan

Are you a spoken word artist, poet, storyteller, or speaker searching for the perfect platform to share your passion? Look no further. Kavita Kisse Kahaniyan is not just a stage; it’s the ultimate space for you to express your deepest emotions, connect with a vibrant community, and bring your words to life.

A Stage for Every Voice

Whether you weave tales through spoken word, pen down poetic verses, or share captivating stories, our platform welcomes diverse voices.

Express, Connect, Thrive

Unleash your emotions and feelings in a supportive environment that encourages you to open up and connect with people who appreciate the power of storytelling.

Write, Express - Encourage Both

Few Writes, Few Express – We Encourage Both, We've crafted a space where you can confidently share your emotions, feelings, and experiences.

Share Your Life's Canvas

You're invited to share your journey, allowing others to connect with the authentic narratives that shape our lives.

Kavita Kisse Kahaniyan is more than a platform; it’s a dynamic community where creativity flourishes. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting your expressive journey, our platform provides the stage you need.

Come, be a part of a space that celebrates spoken word, poetry, storytelling, and public speaking. Express yourself, connect with kindred spirits, and let your words create an impact. Welcome to Kavita Kisse Kahaniyan – where every story finds its voice, and every voice finds its home.

Lucknow's First Spoken Word Fest

Spill The Word Fest

Kavita Kisse Kahaniyan proudly organized Lucknow’s first Spoken Word Fest, aptly named “Spill the Word Fest,” on October 15, 2023. This auspicious day marked not only the success of the festival but also the completion of five incredible years for our platform. 


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